project highlights


project highlights

This section shows some of my favorite projects I've worked on throughout the year. I have more projects,  you can click the WORK link to view more.


the interview

the interview



I pride myself in having passion – something you have to have in the creative industry. It's also something you can't teach.


My favorite projects have been experiential. While I love creating events, I always think about the bigger picture and the story I would like to tell. Giving an experience and telling a story can range from how someone opens a brochure to viewing a POS element in-store, not just events. I believe design & advertising must give an experience and tell a story to a consumer in order to be effective. 



American Ad Federation (ADDYs) | SILVER

Pro Awards | GOLD

Reggie | GOLD

Creativity International Awards

American Ad Federation (ADDYs) | SILVER + BRONZE

in Foundations of Digital Art and Design by Peachpit Press, a division of Pearson Education

Creativity International Awards GOLD

American Ad Federation (ADDYs) | GOLD + SILVER

The Art Institute of California - Orange County | BEST IN SHOW



I have a little of this & a little of that. When added together, I have a whole lot of experience.

I started as a biochemistry major at Loyola Marymount but after much consideration in my first semester, I left college and became a corporate trainer for Chuck E. Cheese's (and yes I was the mouse). I worked my way up to lead opener; facilitating new stores, managing construction crews to ensure deadlines were met, training staff of over 100 people and managing budgets. I also produced training videos and manuals while opening new stores. 

I later decided I needed a change of pace and working at a bank was quite the opposite of the restaurant industry. Again, working my way up, I became a financial analyst for Citibank. I was licensed with a Series 6 and 63 certification to trade stocks and to assist in retail banking. To drum up local business accounts, I launched a local campaign, created a strategy, market plan, sales goal, and a campaign look & feel.

Finally, after realizing my entire life had always lead me back to the creative field, I applied for design school where I graduated with a B.S. in Graphic Design. I truly believe that design & advertising is my calling. You can teach anyone just about anything – except passion, and that's what I pride myself in.